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Family | Inspiring | Modern | Supportive | Excellence If you are considering enrolling in a class with DFX the following is some information to help familiarize you with our dance school and what we can offer your dancer.

Enrolment All DFX Dance and DFX Ballet (Pre-School) classes and OPEN (non-exam) classes run on a term by term basis, no exam, fun classes from ages 2.5yrs to teens. All other classes are Exam classes and are based on a yearly programme (intake *Term 1 each year) exams are usually held in the 2nd half of term 3.


Every year exams are held for Jazz, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop and Contemporary, and they are usually around August/September. An Examiner comes in to examine the Students on what they have learnt from the start of the year. They are each given a ‘Report Sheet’ stating the mark and a quick comment. The marks are as follows: Pass, Pass Plus, Commended, Highly Commended, Honours, Honours with Distinction. They are then given a Certificate with their name and mark on it.


Every year we have 2 annual dance concerts Our Junior show is performed twice at Southwell Theatre (1 morning and 1 afternoon show on the same day in mid November) dancers learn the routine during normal class time from the middle of term 3 and there are no extra rehearsals. Costumes are approx. $50-$65 and are kept by the dancers. Classes in the Southwell show are preschool and beginner jazz and ballet non-exam.


DFX Uniform for all exam classes – to be worn in class. Intro 1 / 2 / 3 Jazz New Uniform for 2018 Intro 4 / 5 Elementary 1 Jazz New Uniform for 2018 Elementary 2 to Adv 1 Jazz New Uniform for 2018 Introduction to Ballet, Pre Primary & Primary Ballet Pink leotard with attached skirt, pink ballet socks, ballet shoes with elastic, hair to be in a bun. Grade 1 / 2 / 3 Ballet Navy leotard, pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with elastics, hair to be in a bun.