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If you are considering enrolling in a class with DFX the following is some information to help familiarize you with our dance school and what we can offer your dancer.


All DFX Dance and DFX Ballet (Pre-School) classes and OPEN (non-exam) classes run on a term by term basis, no exam, fun classes from ages 2.5yrs to teens.

All other classes are Exam classes and are based on a yearly programme (intake *Term 1 each year) exams are usually held in the 2nd half of term 3. *Acro classes can be enrolled throughout the year subject to space in the class.

EXAM CLASSES — follow an exam programme, only one intake each year in Term 1.

Exam classes offered at DFX are as follows;

Jazz – American Jazz Dance Association (ADJA) from 5 years

Ballet – British Ballet Organization (BBO) from 5 years

Hip Hop – Urban Ignition from 10 years & RBM for senior Hip hop classes

Acro – Acrobatic Arts Curriculum from 5 years

Contemporary – The Jason Winters Contemporary Technique from 9 years

Dancers enrolled in an exam class you will automatically be re-enrolled each term for the full year.

Exam classes follow a syllabus programme, where students learn exercises/routines and then sit an exam during term 3. The examiners are sent from the different organisations and each dancer receives a report and certificate to advise their results.


We run with the school terms, 4 terms in a year. There are no classes held on Public Holidays.


Dance fees are paid on a term by term basis, the amount is determined by how many weeks are in each term, you will receive an invoice prior to the start of each term, fees are due on or before your dancers first dance class. Fees can be paid by direct credit, Eftpos/credit card (during shop hours), or cash or cheque.

Additional to term fees there are:

Exam Fees, Mock Exam fees (if your child is sitting an exam), are due in term 2.

Concert Fees: due early term 3, costume hire/concert levy (if your child is participating)

Uniform: Exam class students have a compulsory uniform which must be worn to every class. Uniforms are designed to be non-restrictive and to help the teacher see all parts of the body. All items of the uniform (except Pointe Shoes & Hip-hop shoes) can be purchased from the studio shop.

Open class & Pre-school dancers do not have to wear a uniform however there are footwear requirements for Jazz, Ballet and Hip-hop class dancers.


Every year we put on 2 shows. A junior show held in the Southwell School Theatre. This is for our pre-school classes & open (non-exam) ballet and jazz classes. This is a super special experience for our littlest dancers and wonderful for them to be involved in. The show routines are learnt during class time and there are no extra rehearsals for this event.

For everyone else, exam classes all hip hop and open contemporary we have a magical stage extravaganza at Claudelands Arena usually in late November. The students learn a routine in class usually starting halfway through term 3. This is such an amazing experience for all involved, students attend the weekly class as per normal, the week leading up to the show we have rehearsals to ensure the show is a smooth success!


If you wish to contact us regarding any questions you may have you can see Jacqueline in reception, hours are Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 12:00-5:30 pm, Thurs 9:30-11:00 am & 1:30-5:30 pm, or email The office phone number is 07 8491595 and you can leave a message on this number as well.

Social Media

We have a Closed Group Facebook page that is specifically for our current DFX families. This has lots of information and updates are regularly posted to remind you and advise of the many things happening at the studio. Follow this link to join the group

DFX is also on Instagram

Movitae Programme

Dance Effects offers the opportunity for students enrolled in any class to take their dance class home and learn faster with our own online learning hub on Movitae!

There are some great resources available for students so please sign up. How to sign up info is on our closed group Facebook page which you can join once you are an enrolled student.

As the term goes on we will utilise the programme to upload all sorts of information that will help your dancer to achieve their very best in their dance journey.

Other events

Every term & holidays we run various workshops and holiday programmes to give you dancers opportunities to have fun with dance and to try new and interesting experiences. These are advised by email and on the Facebook page so keep an eye out for those events.