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Exams 2021

Every year exams are held for Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary which are usually around August/September. An Examiner comes in to examine the Students on what they have learnt from the start of the year. They are each given a ‘Report Sheet’ stating the mark and a quick comment. The marks are as follows: Pass, Pass Plus, Commended, Highly Commended, Honours, Honours with Distinction. They are then given a certificate with their name and mark on it.

The Exams are not compulsory, but because this is a major part of the year and it gives the students a sense of achievement, we do strongly encourage it. Most students are required to attend Extra Lessons as necessary. Also, all levels sit a Mock Exam. This is a practice exam, where the students have a run through of all the Exercises so they know exactly what happens in the Exam. This should lead to a smooth running of the actual Exam.

The students are required to wear their Dance Uniform in class and in the Exam room.

The Exam fees are usually due in May; you are notified as soon as we are as too what the fees are each year.

General Information

For Intro 1 & 2 Jazz the teacher goes into the exam room with the students, running it like a class so they are relaxed and comfortable.

Students need to practice at home putting on and taking off their jazz shoes or socks, when this happens in the exam it needs to be very quick so the examiner is not waiting for too long.

For the Jazz Exams the hair must be in a french plait for every level. Medium length hair may have two french plaits. Short hair should be pulled back with a headband. The hair must have plenty of hair spray, gel and hair clips.

For Hip Hop Exams the hair must be in a tidy ponytail, a light fringe is ok.

Ballet dancers are to have their hair in a bun.

Contemporary dancers are to have 1 or 2 french plaits.

Students may wear light make-up, a little lipstick, blusher and mascara. No jewellery or earrings to be worn, no stick on tattoo’s.

Students are numbered 1-8 Front and Back, the safety pins must be on the inside of the Uniform. It is easier to attach numbers when the students have their Uniform already on. The numbers and safety pins are supplied by the Dance School.

Junior students need to arrive at least 30 minutes before their Exam time. Senior students need to arrive at least 50-60 minutes before their Exam time. This gives the Students and Teacher plenty of time to organise numbers, the order of the students, to make sure everybody is in the correct Uniform and that their hair is done correctly.