Louise ten Hove

Studio Owner/Principal Teacher

Miss Louise is our fearless leader and the heart and soul of DFX. Louise started dancing at 7 years old when Dance Effects was run in the Maeora hall. She became a teacher at the school with her own classes by the time she was 16. Louise received the highest Jazz exam mark in New Zealand in 1994. Louise has sat and passed numerous exams in the AJDA jazz and tap syllabi, also the BBDS hip hop syllabi. In her final year at high school at just 18 Louise was given the opportunity to purchase the school and continued to run it at Maeroa till 2009 when the school moved to its current location here in Te Rapa. Louise has been teaching for over 17 years, putting hundreds of dancers through jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop and contemporary exams, with a number of dancers receiving top marks in the country. Louise has been involved with a number of shows and has done choreography for Stage Challenge and High School productions. While running and growing DFX Louise married Luke and they now have two young children, Millie and Ashton. She is absolutely passionate about everything dance related and is constantly coming up with new ideas to encourage and inspire those around her to be the best they can be. 

    Victoria Dobbs

    Ballet Teacher

    Miss Victoria is our ballet mistress teaching both junior and senior levels of ballet. Victoria started dancing with Dance Effects when she was 5yrs old and started teaching at 16. As well as ballet Victoria has also taught jazz and tap and throughout her dance life. Victoria has sat and passed numerous exams in AJDA Jazz and Tap, BAL Ballet, BBO Ballet and NZAMD Contemporary dance. She has also competed at dance competitions across New Zealand. With her years of experience Miss Victoria’s students achieve to a very high standard under her tuition and she is well liked and respected by all. As well as her dance teaching Miss Victoria has a day job and is married to Steve and together they have 4 children, Tyla, Reese, Charlie and Riley. 

      Colette Arnold

      Contemporary Teacher

      Miss Colette has been dancing since she was 4 years old and has been teaching at DFX for 5 years. Colette has sat and passed numerous dance exams with the BAL syllabi and NZAMD syllabi receiving the Jazz advanced distinction scholarship. Colette is a graduate of UNITEC’s Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts where she majored in Contemporary Dance and is a fully registered secondary school dance teacher. Colette is a founding member of the award winning company Backlit Productions, an Auckland based contemporary dance group. Colette has performed and choreographed full works with the company for festivals such as: Wellington and Auckland Fringe festivals, Tempo festival and Splore. She has also been involved in various commercial and corporate gigs including: Rhythm and Vines, The Vodafone Music Awards, Dance Documentaries and Music Videos. Colette is also Mum of 3 children.

        Toni Kelly

        Jazz Teacher, Contemporary Teacher, Hip hop Teacher

        Miss Toni started dancing at the age of 5 in Hawkes Bay and joined DFX when she moved back to Hamilton at 14. Another talented and dedicated dancer Toni was teaching her own jazz classes at 16. Toni currently teaches Preschool classes, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Toni has passed many jazz, hip hop and contemporary exams with excellent results. In 2014 Toni gained a Diploma in Musical Theatre after completing a full-time dance course at Urban Dance Centre in Sydney and fortunately for us came back to continue teaching at DFX. Students in Miss Toni’s classes consistently achieve top results in their exams. Toni has also choreographed several fabulous routines for solo, duo and troupe competition dancers here at DFX. She is a member of the highly successful DFX senior hip hop crew “Resistance”. Dance is life for Toni and it shows in everything she does at DFX. 

          Samantha Rush

          Jazz & Hip Hop Teacher

          Miss Samantha started dancing with DFX when she was 11 yrs old. Her passion, talent and hard work as a dancer paid off and she became an assistant teacher at 14 and had her own hip hop classes at 15. Currently Samantha teaches hip hop and jazz classes from juniors through to senior levels. Samantha always produces fantastic creative choreography and is passionate about sharing the results with the world. Many of Miss Samantha’s students have achieved top marks in their exams with some of them being the top marks at their respective levels across the country. She herself has passed exams in Hip hop and Jazz with impressive results including the top hip hop mark in NZ for Intermediate 1 Hip Hop in the BBDS Syllabus. Samantha has choreographed many performances for our competition dancers and is also the choreographer and a member of the very talented senior DFX hip hop crew "Resistance" who have won multiple dance competitions! It is obvious Samantha lives and breathes dance.Samantha started dancing at 11 years old with Hip Hop.

            Taylor Morrison

            Jazz Teacher

            Miss Taylor has been with DFX since she was a 2yr old. She became an assistant teacher at 15 and had her own classes at 18. Taylor currently teaches preschool and junior jazz exam classes. Taylor has achieved highly in exams in Jazz, Ballet, Hip hop & Contemporary throughout her dance life. She even suffered with hypothermia during a hip hop exam one year so safe to say a dedicated dancer! During the day, Taylor works at part time at Kindercare and is studying with The Tertiary College of New Zealand towards a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. Miss Taylor will make a wonderful ECE teacher as know she is lovely, kind and compassionate and her dancers think she is pretty great. Students in her jazz classes achieved excellent results last year with the top mark in NZ being awarded to a dancer in her Intro 1 class. We know she will always strive to bring out the very best in your dancer.

              Monique Paterson

              Jazz & Ballet Teacher

              Miss Monique started dancing with DFX when she was 11yrs old, became an assistant teacher at 15 and had her own classes at 18. Monique currently teaches preschool, junior ballet and junior jazz. Monique has sat many jazz and ballet exams and achieved excellent results. She is also the teacher behind the awesome choreography for our jazz troupe “Toxic Dolls” who have received great marks and feedback for their competition routine when it has been performed this year. Monique also choreographs creative and exciting solo routines for other comp squad members. During the day, Monique is a full-time student at Waikato University in her 2nd year of a bachelor of teaching. She has a fantastic relationship with all her young students who absolutely adore her so we know she will be a fab teacher one day.

                Tyla Robinson

                Assistant Jazz Teacher

                Miss Tyla started dancing at DFX when she was 5 and became an assistant teacher at the end of 2015 when she was 15. She currently assists in junior jazz classes and is a student in Senior Jazz and Hip Hop classes. Tyla’s love of dance can be attributed to growing up as part of a theatre family and spending lots of time backstage. She has also been involved in DFX troupes and this year is choreographing solos for some of our comp squad dancers. Tyla is in Year 13 at Hamilton Girls High School and is a dance prefect. Dance is a huge part of Tyla’s life and whatever she chooses to do in the future we are sure she will find some time to fit dance in somewhere one way or another.

                  Nicole Atutahi

                  Hip Hop Teacher, Assistant Jazz Teacher

                  Miss Nicole started dancing at the age of 6 with DFX. She became an assistant teacher at the end of 2015 when she was 17 and was teaching her classes at 18. This year Miss Nicole is teaching 4 open hip hop classes and an exam class and is producing some creative and interesting choreography which her students are enjoying learning. Miss Nicole loves all types of dance and has studied Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary but her favourite is Hip hop which she has been learning since she was 8. She has sat many exams and gained very high marks throughout her dancing life. Nicole is another member of the amazing “Resistance” senior hip hop crew. Nicole was a dance prefect at Hamilton Girls High school where she enjoyed sharing her dance experience and many creative ideas for choreography as well as her love of dance. She is now in her 2nd year of study at Waikato University and is working towards a bachelor of social sciences double degree majoring in Psychology and Sport, health and performance.

                    Paige McCollum

                    Hip Hop Teacher, Assistant Jazz Teacher

                    Miss Paige began dancing at DFX when she was 4yrs old. She started assistant teaching when she was 15 and this year at 16 is teaching one of our junior hip hop class. Paige has danced Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary throughout the time she has been a student at DFX and as well as teaching and assisting this year is also a student in our senior Jazz, Contemporary and Hip hop classes. Paige is a competition squad member and performs in solo events as well as part of our senior Hip Hop Crew “Resistance”. Paige has been creating and teaching great choreography for other squad members, both solos and duos. She has always achieved highly in exams over the years and has also been awarded scholarships at both the Phoenix Dance Workshop and the Jazz Congress workshop. Paige is a Year 12 student at Sacred Heart Girls College and would love to pursue a career that involves dance in the future.

                      Olivia Limmer

                      Assistant Ballet Teacher

                      Miss Olivia has been dancing since she was 5 years old and joined DFX when she was 7. Miss Olivia became an assistant teacher at 16 and currently assists in Primary and Beginner Ballet classes. Over the years, Olivia has danced and gained excellent results in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary genres and this year is a student in senior Ballet and Contemporary classes. Olivia loves seeing her friends and the students in her classes get the same joy from dancing that she does and to see them grow from term to term year to year as dancers and people. Olivia is in her final year of study at Hamilton Girls High School and is planning to take a year off in 2018 to work before staring a Social Sciences degree at Waikato University.

                        Chance McKay

                        Hip Hop Teacher

                        Miss Chance started dancing at DFX when she was 9 and started teaching as an assistant at 15, this year she has her own classes teaching junior hip hop and boys hip hop. Chance has placed highly in all exams she has sat for Hip hop, Jazz and Ballet and received the top Hip hop mark in Oceania at her level for the last 3 years in a row. This year Chance has also taken on a new role at DFX as the choreographer/coach of our junior Mini Mayhem Hip hop crew who have received high praise for their polished performances at various competitions this year and won first place at their very first competition. Chance also choreographs for our solo comp squad dancers. Chance is currently in Year 12 at Sacred Heart College and since performing as a puppet in DFX’s The Circus show in 2011 (when she finally stopped looking at the floor!) decided she wanted to pursue a career in dance and acting. Most recently Chance successfully auditioned for a place at Identity Dance Company and her Crew “Yung ID” have now qualified for Hip Hop Worlds to be held in Arizona in August. Chance is adored by all her “kids” (students) and I am sure inspires your dancers to reach for the stars!

                          Jacqueline Korebrits

                          Office Manager

                          Jacqueline is our office manager, she is an absolute rock star when it comes to anything related to admin, invoices, enrolments, queries - this lady knows it all. She has been part of the DFX team for almost three years. Jacqueline is the only team member who doesn't have a dance background but with over 25yrs experience in admin/accounting is in the right role. She is married to Martin and together they have raised 2 daughters and 2 sons aged from 18-24yrs. Jacqueline loves being a part of DFX and thoroughly enjoys knowing so many amazing families and wonderful dancers and sharing in your dance journey. Never hesitate to contact her she is here to help the dance journey seem less daunting and to help everyone through all of the different components of the dance year.

                            Bailey Dewar

                            Assistant Hip Hop teacher

                            Miss Bailey started dancing at DFX when she was 10 years old. Miss Bailey is our newest assistant teacher in Junior Hip hop and the Boys Hip hop class this year. She is currently a student in our senior Adv 1 Jazz and Hip hop level 10 classes and loves all styles of dance. Bailey was awarded the Senior Dancer of the year trophy at the DFX prize giving in 2016. Bailey is in Year 13 at Sacred Heart Girls College this year and is thinking of pursuing further study in dance when she leaves school.

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