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Samantha Rush

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Samantha Rush – Hip Hop, Acro and Jazz

Miss Samantha started dancing with DFX when she was 11 yrs old. Her passion, talent, and hard work as a dancer paid off and she became an assistant teacher at 14 and had her own hip hop classes at 15. Currently, Samantha teaches Hip Hop, Jazz & Acro classes through all levels. 

Samantha always produces fantastic creative choreography and is passionate about sharing the results with the world. Many of Miss Samantha’s students have achieved top marks in their exams with some of them being the top marks at their respective levels across the country. She herself has passed exams in Hip hop and Jazz with impressive results including the top hip hop mark in NZ for Intermediate 1 Hip Hop in the BBDS Syllabus. 

Samantha is qualified to teach the Acrobatic Arts Acro syllabus and continues to attend workshops and courses to upskill and keep her dance knowledge current. Samantha has choreographed many exceptional performance routines for our competition squad dancers and is dedicated to getting the best out of her students. 

It is obvious Samantha lives and breathes dance.

Samantha Rush