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Louise ten Hove⁠

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Louise ten Hove⁠ – Studio Owner/Principal

Miss Louise is our amazing leader and the heart and soul of DFX. Louise started dancing at 7 years old when Dance Effects was run in the Maeroa Hall. She became a teacher at the school with her own classes by the time she was 16. ⁠

Louise received the highest Jazz exam mark in New Zealand in 1994. Louise has sat and passed numerous exams in the AJDA jazz and tap syllabi, the BBDS hip hop syllabi, the BAL ballet syllabi. Louise is a fully qualified registered BBO ballet teacher, qualified AJDA jazz teacher, a qualified Acrobatic Arts teacher and a certified Progressing Ballet Technique teacher. ⁠

In her final year at high school at just 18 Louise was given the opportunity to purchase the school and continued to run it at Maeroa till 2009 when the school moved to its current location here in Te Rapa. ⁠

Louise has been teaching for 22 years, putting thousands of dancers through jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop and contemporary exams, with a number of students receiving top marks in the country. Louise has been a mentor/teacher and trained several teachers across all genres, many of those teachers are past or current members of the DFX faculty. ⁠

While running and growing DFX for the past 20 years Louise married Luke and they now have two young children, Millie and Ashton. ⁠

Louise is now the newly appointed Co-Director of the American Jazz Dance Affiliation, the syllabus that we follow for jazz and tap exams, which allows Louise to mentor studio owners, be involved in the syllabus work, and examine students around New Zealand.

She is absolutely passionate about everything dance-related and is constantly coming up with new ideas, including offering workshops and other opportunities to encourage and inspire your dancers to be the best they can be.

Louise ten Hove