DFX Uniform – to be worn in all exam classes.

Intro 1 / 2 / 3 JazzIMG_8101

Purple and pink unitard, plain black ankle socks.

Intro 4 Jazz

Purple and pink unitard, plain black jazz shoes, with plain black ankle socks.

Intro 5 / Elementary 1 / 2 / 3 Jazz

Purple and black leotard, black cycle pants, plain black jazz shoes, with plain black ankle socks.

Intermediate 1 / 2 / 3  Advanced 1 /2 Jazz

Black DFX single tank top and DFX leggings, plain black jazz shoes or foot undeez, knee pads – for Intermediate 2 and above.


BBO Pre-Syllabus, Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet

Pink Leotard with attached skirt, pink ballet socks, ballet shoes with elastic, hair to be in a bun.

BBO Grade 1-5 Ballet

Navy leotard, pink ballet tights, (grade 1 ribbons not required) ballet shoes with ribbons, hair to be in a bun.

BBO Grade 6/Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate

Black leotard, pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with ribbons plus pointe shoes, hair to be in a bun.

Hip Hop Levels 4 -10IMG_7984

Black ¾ baggy pants, black DFX top, plain black sneakers (purchased from The Warehouse or Number 1 Shoe Warehouse) with plain black ankle socks, hair to be in a ponytail.

All Contemporary Levels

Black DFX leggings, black DFX singlet tank top, no shoes, foot undeez (optional).


We stock all items above in our dance shop but we do not stock every single size, so please get your orIMG_7924der in early – generally at the start of each year.

Dancers in exam classes must wear their uniform every dance class.


Open Classes Dress Code

Beginner jazz classes – mufti clothing, plain snug fitting ankle socks compulsory, (we sell at DFX)

Beginner ballet classes – mufti close fitting clothing, ballet shoes compulsory, (we sell at DFX)

Hip Hop shoes

 Hip hop junior and teen classes – mufti clothing, black canvas lace-up shoes compulsory (can be purchased from No 1 shoes, The Warehouse, KMart)



fairy slippers


DFX Dance 2.5yrs, 3yrs & 4yrs, DFX Ballet 4yrs

Mufti clothing, bare feet or fairy shoes (we sell at DFX) optional

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