IMG_7895AMERICAN JAZZ – American Jazz Dance Affiliation

These fun energetic Jazz classes are structured on a progressional basis that starts at age 5 years old and progresses through 14 levels to Advanced and Solo Seal. The work is set to the latest music on the charts, the syllabus is up to date with pilates warm ups and cool downs. It’s fun and exciting to learn for all ages. The classes are taught by fully qualified teachers, sitting exams part way through the year. The work fully trains the Student in all aspects of basic jazz techniques and the dynamics of technique required to encourage performance, style and the sheer enjoyment of Dance.

Enrolments are taken at the start of each year and follow a yearly programme with exams in August and classes are in the Claudelands end of year show in November.

A Beginner Jazz class is also available for 5-8 yrs. This is a non-exam class and is involved in our junior show at Southwell mid November each year.

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