Hip Hop

IMG_7995HIP HOP – Urban Ignition & RBM Dance Syllabus

We follow the Urban Ignition syllabus for our junior and intermediate levels of Hip hop. Dancers learn fun, modern moves just like on the video clips to the latest music on the charts. This Hip Hop syllabus is also structured with levels starting at 10 years old through to Advanced levels. Students sit an exam to progress onto the next level. From 2018 we are introducing the new RBM syllabus for our senior exam class dancers.

Enrolments are taken at the start of each year and follow a yearly programme with exams in August and the end of year Show in November.


Enrolments can be taken throughout the year for Open hip hop classes for 5-13 year olds. These classes are fun and students learn a new routine every few weeks so it doesn’t matter when you start.

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